food menu for NUR-II
Date Day Menu
01-March-2018Thur Tomato Puri With Soyabean Potato Veg + Laddo
02-March-2018Fri HOLIDAY- HOLI
05-March-2018Mon Ajwain Parantha With Shahi Paneer + Green Salad
06-March-2018Tue Bread Roll + Cookies + Horliks
07-March-2018Wed Vada Sambar + Rasgulla
08-March-2018Thur Kadhi Rice + Sprouts With Peanuts
09-March-2018Fri Veg Noodles + Green Salad With Tofu + Tomato Soup
12-March-2018Mon Parantha With Mattar Paneer + Green Salad
13-March-2018Tue Lemon Rice + Sambar
14-March-2018Wed Paneer Stuffed Multi Grain Kulcha + Cookies + Boost
15-March-2018Thur White Choley + Rice + Green Salad
16-March-2018Fri Pasta + Salad + Soup