Robotics Club

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  • The Robotics sessions is started in our School in the month of July and were conducted for classes IV to XII.
  • In these sessions students got the overview of the mechanical and electronics part of Avishkaar kit and were welcomed to explore multiple possibilities of giving shapes to their robotics dreams.
  • They understood about the concept of Motion, circular motion, linear motion and how to convert circular motion to linear motion by making 4-wheel base. They further converted 4-wheel base to 3-wheel base and observed how friction can be decreased by reducing area of contact.
  • In this sessions students created a robot car with a caster wheel and a soccer arm was mounted over it.
  • This Robot has a swift base which can turn easily and a Soccer arm in the front which can be utilized in various day to day life chores like: Floor Cleaning, Vertical Soccer can be utilized for Painting the walls and for fighting etc.
  • Students have learnt the concept of Conservation of Momentum which defines product of mass and velocity remains the same for both of the objects if equal force is applied. Students were excited to make their robots play a soccer match.
  • They learnt the uses of gear system to provide synchronized movement in motion system by making a Gripper Robot and got to understand the working of clock.